25KZ. The Newest History

Documentary feature “25. The Newest History” is the story of independent Kazakhstan. The film tells about the unique experience of developing state, it is a chronicle of obstacles and victories on the way to sovereignty.

About the project

22 flights, 8 cities, 3 countries, 138 000 km of travel. Mountains, plains, rivers, the best examples of historical architecture of Kazakhstan and a dozen interviews with the actual participants of the most meaningful events for the country. All of that you will find in new film by SHANDESIGN studio – “24KZ. The Newest History”

What measures helped avoid conflicts with neighbors by border, totalitarian lockdown and economical weakness? How they managed to prevent religious and ethnic conflicts, “colored revolutions” and make the integration into worldwide economical space on equal terms? What defined the whole course of history of independent Kazakhstan.

“24KZ. The Newest History” – trying to apprehend how the decisions of the government brought Kazakhstan toward a strong and peaceful country that it is today.

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Documentary feature film about the history of independent Kazakhstan | 97 min

Production | SHANDESIGN.PRO © 2016 on request of First President Fund – Leader of the Natin


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