31 open film festival «Kinotavr»

SHANDESIGN.PRO studio has prepared bold and stylish visual design for the main state festival

About the project

SHANDESIGN.PRO studio has been the main branding-partner of «Kinotavr» for more than 10 years.
Festival, which need no introduction for a long time.
Despite the fact that every year studio faces the same task – to come up with new visual appearance, we've never repeated in the proposed concepts. We are inspired by cinema world, by line-up and winners of film festival, which helps us to find new meaning and create new, outstanding ideas.


While we were working on 31 film festival desing, we have noticed that more and more often the main awards were taken by films with rebellious spirit, burning topics and authentic style.
This is how daring, a punk character concept was born. Minimalism combined with 3D objects and complicated gradients. 
Objects transformated into hands, cause cine-men communicate not only with phrases but gestures too, and gradients remind us melted celluloid.


The original version was more brutal and monochrome – A chrome-plated silver hand contrasted on black colorful backgrounds.
This was complemented by different varietes of red and dark purple font.
As the work progressed, it became clear that fest needs more vibrant colours. The task to get rid of black color was successfully performed and neon that we suggested was chosen for his rebellious charachter and rock-style. Acid background is diluted with classic white and black colours. However, the original purple  hues are retained in the graphics and harmonically play out the acid-glitches vibes


As a part of the concept SHANDESIGN.PRO studio has developed several hand gestures: in addition to the main sign, we used «frame» and «peace» in the desing.
More than half of our team took part in casting for the smoothest fingers and neat hands. And it's not known, who was more fortunate, because the winner had a whole day participating in photosession, messing up hands in liquid silicone with addiction of different collers.
Perfectionism is our second name.


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#Продолжаемдвижение together with @kinotavr_31 and russian cinema.


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