Psychics. The Battle of the Mightiest.

SHANDESIGN Studio together with TNT Design created a new ID for the beginning of the new season of Psychics

The Battle of Psychics.

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First, we created the images of the characters: Leonid Konovalov (cowboy), Zuliya Radzhabova (fire element), Elena Yasevich (snow queen), Elena Godunova (black witch), Marilyn Karo (fox), Alexander Sheps (vampire image).

After that we developed the script.

To create the effect of movement through the eyes of the psychics we used Motion Control equipment that controls the movement of the camera. These shots were filed using a robotized panoramic head mounted on the camera boom. This is a huge machine that moves along a rail and stops almost at a model’s face. So our priority task was to set out the speed of the boom and the distance between it and a model so that we don’t injure anyone or spoil anyone’s makeup. But finally we managed to do it)

During the filming we used actual living animals: a fox, a white polar owl, and a raven. All clips were filmed in one day, so none of the animals was hurt.


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