30th Kinotavr Film Festival

The 30th Anniversary Russian Open Film Festival "Kinotavr" was held in Sochi from June 9 to 16. Studio SHANDESIGN was responsible for branding of the festival.


For many years, Sergey Shanovich and studio SHANDESIGN have been preparing the visual design of the Kinotavr Open Russian Film Festival. And the jubilee 30th year was not an exception.

The concept was based on light painting: drawing images on the film with a ray of light. Light is a key link in the life of cinema. Light captured the image on film. The projector light is a kind of brush that displays amazing pictures on the canvas of the movie screen.

This concept is supported in the graphic introductory video of the film festival created by the studio. The video demonstrates the 30-year history of the festival: the names of all the grand prize-winners appear in the darkness, and the light rays form a sphere similar to the sun - the Kinotavr symbol and logo.

Production | SHANDESIGN.PRO © 2019


Working with Kinotavr always brings wonderful creative results. Over the rich history of cooperation, a lot of interesting ideas have been embodied. From a splash of colors to Warhol-style airplanes, from drawing up a poster from the names of the laureates to playing with geometric shapes. And in 2018, we even sprayed graffity in an abandoned house. Naturally, by the thirtieth anniversary, the studio did something special and technological.


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Directly, the light-painting was used to create the number "30" and graphic design elements for posters, banners and dozens of other types of printed materials in various formats, prepared by the studio for the film festival design. In this count also included a poster for an exclusive event - a Lenny Kravitz concert.


As part of the concept of light-painting, the studio made a special shooting to create the whole font. All letters and symbols are shot live, drawn by the light of a special lamp on the camera. Sergey Shanovich,the head of the studio SHANDESIGN, was drawing them personally.



In the process of working with the concept, many design options were tried, which in the end were not accepted by the client, but we like.

Even before coming to the painting, we played around the theme of the anniversary (see video backstage poster with a cake below). At the beginning of the work, the client asked us to play a trick, and so a poster was born with a punk unicorn, which eventually went for print on hoodie.

Light experiments were first drawn on a computer, and later we shot live drawings using a special programmable robot, as well as with hand lamps directly in the studio.



The creative process in the studio includes a lot: it is hard work, and the flight of thought, and a lot of fun, and even a little bit of self-sacrifice.


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