TV channel «Kinopokaz»

Sergey Shanovich and SHANDESIGN.PRO studio carried out a complex TV channel rebranding for Tricolor TV.

About the project

Broadcast schedule of Tricolor TV has replenished with another one branded channel – «Kinopokaz». The complex rebranding and graphics package for the TV channel were created by SHANDESIGN.PRO studio as a part of a long and fruitful cooperation with the major cable holding company.

«Kinopokaz» – a TV channel, that broadcasts cult foreign films from Hollywood studios and distributors: from thrillers and horrors till comedies and melodramas. The line-up consist of the most notable foreign films.

During the branding development designers were inspired by classical cinematograph, namely - image of movie projector beam, conveing cine-magic on conventional surface.
This is a rectangle of a monitor or smartphone – like silver screen in cinema, an image is projected onto it with flickering ray.

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Logo's design was based on "projection" concept. Because cinema – is a projection on silver screen, light, colour and forms, giving birth to breath-taking image, which drives us to entertaiment world.

In the sign we used pattern of a silver screen with projection on it.



We used gradient light, beams and projection effects in channel's appearance.








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