As part of the announcement of the FONBET car drawing at the FNG 82 tournament, the studio filmed an information and image promotional video. The main character - the general producer of FNG Kamil Hajiyev

Customer | BC FONBET

Director | Sergey Shanovich

"In a very short time we made videos that combined two brands and announced the sponsorship of" FONBET "in FIGHT NIGHTS GLOBAL tournaments. Our partners from "FONBET" offered to make the main hero of Kamil Hajiyev, the general producer of FIGHT NIGHTS GLOBAL.

It seems to us that this is a good decision, as he is a face of the tournaments, and he can very sharply tell about the essence of the battles. At the same time, Kamil speaks not only about the emotions experienced by the fighters, going into the cage, but also what the spectators feel. And why, for these years, thousands of spectators experience every battle as a new one. Together with FONBET we thought for a long time which element in two brands can become unifying, what emotion? The answer we found in the very essence of the rooting, because everyone mentally makes a bet on his hero, when watching his fight, "- says creative director of the studio Tatyana Filimonova.

Sergey Shanovich and studio SHANDESIGN.PRO have developed a creative concept and created a series of commercials for the largest bookmaker of Russia and the CIS "FONBET" in the framework of the brand's sponsorship at the 82nd tournament. FIGHT NIGHTS GLOBAL.

The customer "Fonbet" is the general sponsor of the promotion company FIGHT NIGHTS GLOBAL, which holds tournaments in mixed martial arts with the participation of world stars.

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