TV channel «Hit»

Sergey Shanovich and SHANDESIGN.PRO studio developed channel's branding for Tricolor TV

О проекте

The Tricolor TV broadcasting network is expanding with the updated «Hit» TV channel.

Studio SHANDESIGN.PRO has created complex rebranding and graphics package for the TV channel within the framework of a long and fruitful cooperation with multi-platform digital enviroment operator.

«Hit» – a TV channel, broadcasting popular russian and foreign films of all genres.
Well-known franchises and hot tickets, from classical pieces to high-profile premiers of latest years, and also thematic selections, filmographies of rocking Hollywood actors and directors.

«Hit» has already had branding, which was fitting client in general. Our task was to refresh the logo, by form and color, and develop on it's basis all on-air graphics, IDs, cutoffs, maintaince screens and all announcements.
What we have successfully done, keeping the original concept.

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Logo/Age/No smoking

The polyhedron shape in the logo shows the diversity of the content. Popularity does not depend on the genre and country of origin, and exactly this makes cinema deserved to be called «Hit». The colors were matched in a more harmonious combination. Logo's proportions  have become more balanced. The graphics were built on the theme of polyhedron faces in a three-dimensional representation, echoing the versatility of the TV viewer's taste and the genre variety of cinema.



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