Bakeries "Volkonsky"

New identity for the bakery network Volkonsky from SHANDESIGN

A new identity for the network of bakeries Volkonsky from SHANDESIGN and printer, designer of fonts Denis Masharov (Denis Masharov)

Bakeries Volkonsky - a network of traditional bakeries in Russia and Ukraine, which belongs to the French family of Garez. Bakers and pastry cooks are prepared according to the best recipes of all times, combine traditions with advanced technologies.

Studio SHANDESIGN and typographer, font designer Denis Masharov developed a new sign, logo and font for the bakery network "Volkonsky"

"Volkonsky" turned to us with the task of updating the sign, redrawing the logo and using the logo to make a font for branding, which they described as "chopped italics" - tells the process of creating Denis.

The calligrapher Tatyana Valerius took part in drawing the sign. "We tried to make a clearly handwritten font that would be acceptable for typing both in lowercase and uppercase. Therefore, initially abandoned the complex, fanciful capital letters with strokes and ornaments. This also gave us the opportunity to select the letter "B" from the sign "Volkonsky".

Since the font was planned simultaneously for both the signboard and the small pin, the task became very complicated for us, it had to be good (beautiful) in large size and readable in shallow. It seems to us that we succeeded. "


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