Due to participation in “DAKAR 2018” rally race team “KAMAZ-master” decided to redesign their look. SHANDESIGN studio developed a rebranding for the car and team clothes.

About the project

January 20th 2019 Eduard Nikolaev and his crew took the 1st place in “Dakar-2018” rally marathon between cargo cars. July 16th 2019 Anton Shibalov and his crew scored gold in “Silk passage” rally. This prizes “KAMAZ-master” team got in new overlook design from SHANDESIGN studio by Sergey Shanovich.

Rebranding of the crew and car looks was complete in tight schedule right to the start of the rally. “KAMAZ-master” team announced the changes of the crew design on the 30th anniversary of the team press-conference.

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The main goal of new design is to accent the might and purposefulness of “Blue Armada” which “KAMAZ-master” team is often called. Tires track patterns. Competing lines. Diagonal directions of the lines resembling truck dune jump. The design is always dynamic and diverse. It’s like it shouts: Onward! Do not stop! To victory! All the elements are geometrical and calculated in directions and alignment to each other – there is no chaos in it. This accents technical and technological superiority of the team.



Even before studio finished the new look of KAMAZ-43509, the team finished the ECO-GAZ design, even thow it's race was scheduled for later. Overall design principals are the same as in KAMAZ, but the color pallet is different.


Clothes design

The main problem was to balance strict client's guidelines on sponsors logo placements with studios creative ideas about the team look. Design changed several times during the working procrss, but the final look pleased everybody. 

It is a great pleasure for the studio team to see our favorite crew win the races in our design!


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