Brand relaunch for the Russian promotional company FIGHT NIGHTS GLOBAL

About the project

studio SHANDESIGN renewed original work and completed Rebranding for the Russian promotion company FIGHT NIGHTS GLOBAL

FIGHT NIGHTS GLOBAL - the largest promotion company in Russia, which holds mixed martial arts tournaments.

High-profile fights and great shows for over eight years have become the hallmark of FIGHT NIGHTS tournaments. 

The first tournament of the company took place in June 2010 in Moscow, since then many fighters of the promotion have built a successful career and have become world stars of MMA.

SHANDESIGN Studio rebranded the sign, logo, fonts and corporate identity for FIGHT NIGHTS GLOBAL.

The updated FIGHT NIGHTS logo is white letters on a red background. As in the old logo, a chopped font based on road signs is used.

These are stenciled letters, used for fast inscriptions

They are conveniently applied to the canvas of the cell or ring, on the gloves of the fighters, on the uniform.

The stencilness of the font gives us symbolism and similarity to a combat sport, where after an impact remains a mark, a print

The aim of logo rebranding was to clarify the nuances, the formation of a more clear style and the brand philosophy

The main red color is not only the color of blood, but also the color of life, the color of energy, and in the Russian tradition it is also the color of beauty.


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