TNT is more than a channel

Recently Crocus City Hall has hosted the annual conference for advertisers "TNT - MORE THAN CHANNEL" that became one of the brightest events on the Russian TV market. The conference will be remembered not only for the presentation of new TNT exciting content, which will be presented in 2017, but also for the unification of 2000 people in a space filled with hundreds of talented persons, incredible performances and new trends in the design of such events. The studio SHANDESIGN was entrusted the production and directing of the event. As a result, the team managed to turn the conference "TNT IS MORE THAN A CHANNEL" into a real show.


The annual conference for advertisers "TNT IS MORE THAN A CHANNEL" took place in Crocus City Hall on the 18th of October. The TNT channel proved itself to be the most rating and also the most profitable platform for advertising placement in 2017.

The production of the event and the direction of the show was taken up by SHANDESIGN studio. The installation of the most complicated decorations was made in 2 days non-stop. The show was proud to present its own coliseum, mirror screens and moving screens.

ТНТ — больше чем канал

project | event creation and direction

completed tasks |  
concept of decoration;
branding of the facade, lobby;
light design;
organization of the event;

project team |

general producer/director | Sergey Shanovich
project manager | Veronika Arazova  
set - designer | Dmitry Utkin
designer - architect | Marata Kenji
technical director | Sergey Korneyev

conference design | SHANDESIGN feat. TNT-Design

production | SHANDESIGN.PRO © 2016


What makes the show memorable? A colourful visual series, interesting exclusive content, pure sound, unusual and outstanding scenery, bright personalities and of course the energy of the guests!

SHANDESIGN can tell you how to create a cool show - watch our making of "TNT is more than a channel", the annual conference for advertisers, where the TNT channel proved itself to be the most rated and also the most profitable platform for advertising placement in 2017.

Graphics by TNT-design, manufactured by SHANDESIGN.PRO on TNT channel request.


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